Balance Exercise

What is balance exercise? Although it is important for everyone to undertake an exercise practice they enjoy, these exercises help with balance. These exercises are particularly important for the elderly community, but are also beneficial for everyone. Doing balance exercise will help reduce the risk of falling and getting injured. Youth will benefit too, for example, during sports.

Balance for children is important from the time they learn to walk. Good balance will help not only their walking, but also when they begin to participate in sports as they get older. Balance also helps people climb stairs and catch themselves from falling.

These exercises also help improve coordination. A way to become balanced is to do exercises that help align the body properly. You gain agility and endurance as well as strength. Through strength training, muscles and joints become stronger and more flexible.Here are some suggestions for exercises that anyone can do. They are easy as well. Just take some supplies you already have in your home to help support your body. Then as you gain balance.

Heel Toe Walking

Put the heel of one foot in front of the other foot so they touch heel to toe. Look to a focus point in front of you and walk putting one foot in front of the other taking at least 20 steps. Stay balanced as you walk.

Single Stance

You will need a chair at first. Hold onto the back of the chair as you stand behind it. Lift a leg from the ground and stay in that single stance for at least 10 seconds. Then put your leg down and raise it up again. Do this 15 times. Then repeat this process with the other leg. Over time you will be able to gain enough balance to do the exercise without a chair.

Balance Walking

Put your hands up holding a large can of tomato paste. Make sure your shoulders are flat and look ahead of you on a focal point while you walk straight ahead. Lift your leg high as you walk one after the other up to 20 steps.

These are just some of the exercises that can help you gain balance. Add to the list with the items you have at home. The goal is to remain focused on one point and hold your body straight--even if you just raise one leg sideways onto your knee and keep it fixed there for as long as you can, you will begin to notice a change in your endurance level.

Balance Exercise to Balance Work and Family