Balanced Health and Fitness

There are different forms of balanced health and fitness activities families can enjoy together. You can create an exercise room in the house that every member of the family can enjoy. Use this opportunity for quality time with the children.

If you eat a healthy diet, but are inactive you will notice your body is not as toned as it could be if you exercised. You might find yourself out of breath more often. When you are inactive you may notice that you are feeling tired and getting sick more easily. You may also tend to gain weight.

On the other hand if you exercise, but don’t eat a healthy diet then you will not have the energy to exercise as much as you want and you may not get the results you seek. The balance between the two and making it enjoyable are the two key factors to keeping motivated.

You can vary the exercises you choose or your exercise routine.  You may want to start with balancing exercises like standing on one leg for as long as you and your child can. Or you may want to use a ball as pictured below to attain balance.

Some options are trekking to the park on the weekends for warm weather trail hiking, bicycle riding, running, or a game of baseball or basketball. You can use sources including DVDs, classes, exercise equipment and personal trainers at home. You can check the numerous exercise videos on YouTube that you might be able to do with your child. Meditative downtime can also be valuable for you and your child to help balance the mind and body.

It is up to you what you and your children are comfortable doing. Try a few different types of exercises and work at your own pace. If you don’t like your fitness routine, you will get bored. Make it fun and meaningful for you and your child.

Balanced Fitness

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