Cheap Family Vacations

When the economy is in turmoil, many families look for cheap family vacations. In some ways, recession brings forth great discounts and deals for people who still have money to go on a vacation. However, to save money you still need to do some homework. 

The best place to start your 

cheap family vacation

search for a cheap family vacation is on your PC. In the comforts of your home, the internet allows you to what is available and at what price. Moreover, you can even compare prices and get to know the deals available.

Before you book your tickets, determine where you want to go, for how long and what your budget is. If you do not have internet facilities, check the travel section in the daily papers. Most newspapers offer tips and clues on how you can get a low-cost family vacation.

One other great way to earn a cheap family vacation is to sign up for newsletters from various airlines and travel agencies. Many airlines are now offering inclusive package deals with superb discounts during certain times of the year. The only drawback to these cheap family vacations offered by airlines is that you have to be flexible with your vacation times.

Another great way to get cheap family vacations is to speak to travel agents. Travel agents often get discounts depending on their sales and these deals are often passed on to the consumer. However, before you buy your tourist package from a travel agent, do ask what is included. In some cases, what is being sold and what is eventually available may be two different things.

Air miles are another way to save on your vacation. If you are a member of AAA or a luxury hotel chain, you can get senior or children discounts. Sometimes, being an AAA or American Express member will also provide you with family discounts. Every time you shop, ask if you can get discounts.

Unlike motels, most large chain hotels tend to offer discounts for families. In many cases, large hotels offer suites that can accommodate 2-4 people.

Most people do not appreciate that traveling during the off-season brings the biggest discounts. Off-season usually includes summer and late fall if you want to go to the sunny Caribbean destinations. The most expensive times to book vacations are during school breaks and summer holidays.

To save money, you should travel on a weekday. Usually flights going on a any weekday (except Friday) are the cheapest. Moreover, because many flights go empty during this time, there are many last minute bargains. This also applies to hotels that generally tend to charge less for weekday stays.

No matter where you buy your tickets or holiday deals, always negotiate. There is no harm in asking if there are discounts available. Sometimes it works and this also applies to car rentals, restaurants and resort hotels.

If you are flexible, then book late. Many airlines and hotels offer last minute deals. Last minute usually means 2-3 weeks prior to your anticipated travel date. In rare instances, you may get deals a week prior to departure. However, do not always be fooled by last minute discounts. In fact, the majority of cruise companies offer bigger discounts when you book early. Finally, if you have a definite time to travel, then it is better to book early on than risk miss out on a low-cost family vacation that may not even come about.

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