Family Fun Activities

How does an active family schedule family fun activities? In the last few decades, our lives have become very busy, our commitments are greater, work hours are longer and there is precious little time left for family. In many cases, the lack of time spent together has led to disharmony, bitterness and isolation among the different family members. Thus, it is vital to spend whatever little time left doing fun family things.

The aim is to not only have fun, but also help build a stable family with a positive outlook. It is important to have quality family time together to cultivate and build up the family bond.

Having family fun does not mean spending a lot of money or buying the most expensive electronic toys. Family fun is time well spent without too many rules. It is a time where the family par-ticipates in all activities together.

This could be going out for a walk, going to the local park for a bar-becue or going hiking. The focus of family fun should not be what the activity is, but overall participation and enjoyment by all members. When you decide to embark on a family fun activity, do let other members participate in the schedule and chances are that all of you will enjoy it.

One can start the planning by asking each member of the family to write down their wants and needs. A great fun family activity without any cost is some type of physical activity. This may range from walking, swimming or hiking. Not only does one get to benefit from exercise but you also get to enjoy nature at the same time. Remember, kids are more active than most adults so choose activities that everyone can participate in.

Most teenagers like to spend time alone and love their new independence. However, the one time where a family can get together and have fun is to go on vacation. The vacation should be planned, as kids generally prefer the sun, sand and water. Another option is camping or an adventure vacation (e.g. sightseeing, scuba diving, parasailing). A day spent at the zoo, beach, museum, aquarium, or the local flea market can also be fun.

If time is limited, many fun activities can be performed at home. This can involve playing monopoly, scrabble or bridge. You can even cook together--make a homemade pizza, bake cookies, listen to music, or watch a baseball game. Afterwards, the entire family can go to their favorite restaurant or for their favorite ice cream.

Family fun activities do not always have to be planned and can be spontaneous. If you have little time or have no idea what to do, ask your children what they prefer to do.

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