Family Fun Crafts

Family fun crafts that can be shared by the whole family can make for an enjoyable day. Although family games, such as board games, card games and video games. played for hours by every member of the family may be entertaining, participating in creating a craft is different. It involves team effort to plan, design and create a project that the whole family can enjoy and be proud of. Rather than competing in a board or video game, learning through a fun craft can teach children some valuable lessons about teamwork.

A family can plan the craft together beforehand and then go shopping together. It could be one big project that everyone contributes efforts to. It could be that everyone is doing similar crafts, but is personalizing their effort. It could be everyone is doing their own craft project and enjoying spending time with each other while perhaps asking opinions and spending time talking about each other's project.

Family time does not need to be expensive and doing a craft is one example. There are many dollar stores, inexpensive craft stores and deals in department stores that will allow for inexpensive fun. Families can think of their own crafts, look through magazines, search the internet and even reference books to get some ideas. Family fun crafts can also be a way to bring a family together. Getting youngsters involved in craft time usually isn’t difficult, but as children grow into teenagers they could lose interest.

What are some ways to get the whole family involved?

  • Ask for craft suggestions
  • Set a budget and look through ads for deals
  • Make it a game by picking surprise material and setting a time limit
  • Do a one-time project or a project done over time
  • Put each member in charge of a craft element

There are times when a craft is messy. This is when you should set up in an area that can handle the mess. If you will be using a lot of paint, for example, wear old clothes and cover the work area with old cloths or garbage bags. You want to have fun and not worry about a mess or having to clean it up when the fun is over. Work together to set up the area and during clean up too.

Remember to take pictures during craft time both of the craft as well as the happy family. You might want to start a scrapbook that will document each family fun craft activity. It will not only be a way to relive the fun, but remember all the great crafts that were created.

Family Fun Crafts to Parenting Styles