Family Vacation Ideas

With the ongoing recession, many people are looking for great family vacation ideas that are affordable. It is very simple to feel weighed down with the expensive choices of vacations. However, with less tourism because of the current economic crises, there are endless avenues for families to go for a vacation at outrageous discounts. Almost all vacation resorts are offering some type of discount and thus, it is important to do your homework before you leave home.

The first question you need to answer is where you would like to take the family. Beach? City Adventure? Ecotourism, the Mountains? Secondly, have a budget so you are well prepared and finally, be realistic.

Traveling with a family does need some type of preparation so that the vacation ends up being simple and fun. Unlike adults, traveling with kids only requires a few interesting stops. One of the best ways to thoroughly enjoy a family vacation is a trip to the beaches.

Many of the Caribbean resorts have been struggling with the tourism industry and most resorts have great discounts. These beach vacations are great for someone who has run out of options but before you fly out, make sure that the resort is not in a hurricane zone. If you select carefully you can have some of the best family vacations at ultra luxury hotels which otherwise may be unaffordable. The Caribbean resorts offer everything for the family. Even though the weather is always hot and humid do not worry, there are lots of water sports and pools which will help you cool off. Many Caribbean and Cuban destinations offer all-inclusive holidays and focus on the family.

If the beach does not sound enticing, then an urban adventure may be appealing. If your travel time is limited to 3-7 days, then there is plenty to see on this side of the continent. One does not have to fly to Europe to see monuments or museums. Almost every major city in North America can provide a glorious vacation for the entire family.

For those who like glitz, glamour and grandeur, Las Vegas offers family vacations that can be thrilling. Almost every major hotel in this Glitzy city has 30-50 percent discounts. For all members of the family, most luxury hotels offer delightful entertainment and of course, there are the casinos, clubs, discos and shows for the nocturnal individuals.

Other family vacation ideas can include great cities like Vancouver, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and San Diego. Both San Diego and Vancouver have superb all year round weather, offer great accommodations and have plenty of beaches. The other advantage of spending a family vacation in these cities is that there is food and accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes.

Check out these cities for a unique vacation experience: Montreal, niagara FallsQuebec CityLucerne, and Toronto.

Since airlines have started to add nuisance fees, a family vacation trip in a vehicle with a camper can be one of the best family vacation ideas. The natural beauty in parts of Western Canada is breathtaking and even though it may seem off-path, you will thoroughly get to enjoy the rugged nature of this vacation. These camping vacations not only save you money, but also allow you to enjoy nature at leisure. Moreover, you get to see places that you would otherwise never have seen and most of all, get to develop a better relationship with the family.

Finally, make sure that you include everyone’s vacation needs and wants. Be realistic, plan ahead and include everyone in the planning. Bon voyage! 

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