Good Parenting Skills

Good parenting skills inlude providing an affectionate and safe home life, teaching your kids the different rules of life, educating them about right from wrong and helping them develop positive self esteem. Every parent wants to raise the perfect child. While some parents are gifted in this area, the majority of us need to learn parenting skills. 

Most people have no

idea that parenting is a full time job that requires time and devotion. Despite the energy invested in raising children, mistakes are common but with good parenting skills, one can learn from past errors.

The trick to good parenting requires the following:

Always be available for your children. Even though there 

will be times when there are other demands for your time, make some attempt to be there for the child, especially where there is a need. Besides being available, the child also needs to know that you are available whenever they need you.

Always let the child know that he/she is just as important as other things in your life. Try to spend some quality time each day with your child. Sometimes this may mean watching a play or reading a book. Spending time does not mean spending money.

Like everyone, children like to be appreciated and in return, they will maintain good behavior. Therefore, when your child does something well, receives a good grade or achieves something nice, show your appreciation. While a few good kind words may suffice, sometimes it is nice to show your appreciation by buying a small present or writing something pleasant.

Appreciation also makes the child learn the difference between right and wrong. As you start to appreciate more activities the child’s behavior will improve and meet your expectations, most of the time.

Besides communication, children love affection. Even though children do not mention it, they are usually starving for affection/attention. Thus, satisfying this feeling should be the central point in the relationship. Everyone loves to be hugged, kissed or touched and this can help build a foundation of a loving relationship.

All children want to be accepted not only at school but also in the home. This is where the parents have a chance to make a huge impact of on the child; the child should always feel loved/accepted with no conditions. The bottom line is that if the parents cannot find ways to accept the child, then it is unlikely that anyone else will.

The parent should learn to maintain high self-esteem of the child, boost their confidence and provide them with security. If you promise something, make it happen. Do not make big promises and never fulfill them, as this is often a sore point with kids.

Other aspects of building a good parent-child relationship includes being consistent with the rules. Most children need to be told the rules and what behavior is expected of them. Always try to be calm when mistakes are made. If you are angry then this is not the time to make spontaneous decisions about your child’s behavior.

One problem with many parents is that they set too high expectations for their kids. Even though the child is doing fine, the failure to meet the parent’s expectations creates problems. Not everyone can be a great athlete or achieve excellence in school, so learn to appreciate whatever your child accomplishes.

Good parenting skills are a learning process. Most parents learn from their mistakes but if one invests time, energy and patience, the results can be very satisfying.

Good Parenting Skills to Balancing Work and Family