Healthy Living Tips

There is no magic to good health, but by following a few healthy living tips, you will be able to enhance the quality of your life.

The first tip to good health is through balancing mind, body, and soul. This means that all three are nourished and not any one dominates the other. For example, if you live in the mind, you will not be able to enjoy relationships. If you are soulful 24 hours a day, you will not enjoy the practical aspects of life. And if your body dominates, your mind and soul will lack the stimulation and expression they seek. So how do we balance all three? You consciously remember throughout the day that you are not all mind, all body, or all soul, but a combination of the three.

Stimulate your mind with knowledge. Care for your body with nutrition and exercise. Give expression to your soul by engaging in prayer and gratitude. Each of the three deserves respect.

If your work is enough of a challenge or stimulating enough, then you don't have to seek outside knowledge. But if not, consider taking time to read, do crossword puzzles, or experience a mindful learning vacation.

Your soul seeks the tranquillity and serenity of daily prayer and gratitude. For your body, undertake an exercise program that you enjoy. This does not mean running a marathon every weekend or cycling 50 kilometres every other day. Select an exercise that is fun and that you will continue to do on a regular basis. Even walking 30 minutes twice a day is a great form of exercise.

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Like to dance? Find a dancercise video on YouTube and join in. Like to do stretches? How about one of the many Yoga videos? Regular exercise can improve muscle mass, strength, balance, flexibility and increase your endurance. Best of all, it will help you look slim and trim.

There are numerous medical benefits of exercise including lowered blood pressure, better control of blood sugars and cholesterol, and a decreased incidence of strokes and heart attacks. Exercise can also help increase your self-esteem, boost your confidence and relieve stress. No one is ever too old to start to walk.

Another very important health tip is to ensure your body has the proper nutrition it requires. Due to today's busy lifestyle, many people do not get the vitamins and minerals they require in our diets. Supplements are important. Nutritional supplements add vitality and long-term benefits.

Listening to our body is important. Listen to the body when it says enough. The saying "everything in moderation" cannot be emphasized too much. Overworking, using supplements in excess, overexercising, or spending too much time nourishing the soul can all have detrimental side effects. Balance is key, even in health.

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