Healthy Snacks

There are many options when it comes to choosing healthy snacks that are perfect day or night. 

Whenever you need a little something to eat between meals, having a snack can get you through. It will help increase your energy, boost your metabolism and provide an end to hunger pains. Instead of choosing a soft drink or sugar snack choose a healthy one. An unhealthy snack will make your energy spike quickly, but it will fall again just as rapidly.

There are benefits to healthy munching such as the addition of fibre  fruits, and vegetables to your diet, but snacks with empty calories offer no benefits. You want to add nutrients and vitamins to your to gain energy. Eating food high in fibre will help clean out your body allowing your system to function properly. Snacks that are unhealthy can increase cholesterol levels and make you feel tired.

Have snacks ready for your children so they can grab something healthy when they are hungry or when they return from school. If they are easier to reach than sugar and salt snacks such as cookies and chips, they will eat the healthy ones, such as the oatmeal cookie or fruit you provide. Better yet, many households are limiting the junk food they bring into their home. If it is not there, it won’t be eaten.

Healthy foods to snack on include:

  • trail mixes with crackers, pretzels and peanuts
  • fruit smoothies
  • vegetables with low-fat dips
  • dairy such as low-fat yoghurt and cheese

Avoid foods with high empty calories, high sugar content, additives such as butter, high fat content and high salt content. When you want a snack that is healthy and extra special and sweet, eat some dark chocolate. It is a healthy option when consumed sparingly.

Make snack time special. If you enjoy blueberries and yoghurt  then you will look forward to the snacking you enjoy. If you really want something sweet, keep a snack time for some chocolate. Snacking on healthy foods will also help you and your family remain healthier. That means less illnesses and less money spent on medicines and trips to the doctor.

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