Help with ADHD

We often run to medical doctors to find help with ADHD. Ritalin, dexedrine, and other drugs are used routinely to help children focus, but there are often overlooked alternatives, some that can have positive long-term effects.

Focusing is a skill a child can learn. We know ADHD children can hyperfocus on a subject they are interested in. But when they are not interested in a topic, a parent often hears the phrase "I'm bored" several times throughout the day.

Practicing mindfulness can help. Sit in a dim room with legs crossed and ask your child what he or she wants to think about for the next three minutes. For example, if your child wants to think about horses, sit with her and think about the word or image for the next three minutes. The following day, you, the parent, will choose what to think about for the next three minutes. Add a minute a week until the child is able to sit quietly for ten minutes.

Another tip that can help ADHD children during homework time is setting a timer for ten minutes. After ten minutes of focusing on homework, allow the child to do as she pleases for ten minutes. Alternate in this manner until the child has completed all her homework.

Often ADHD children favor pizza and fast foods that do not give them the proper nutritional support they require. Omega-3 products have been found to be helpful. A multivitamin is important to ensure the ADHD child is receiving all the nutrients he requires in spite of limited food selection.

Often when parents slow down, children will too. As role models, children take their cue from the adults in their lives. A balanced life may help create the equilibrium your ADHD child needs to succeed. 

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