Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland is a world-renowned tourist destination. This picturesque town rests on the shores of a beautiful lake with which it shares the same name. Located just nearby are the magnificent Swiss Alps, which offer some of the best skiing in the Fall. 


The one feature of Lucerne that is spectacular is that it offers the visitor the best view of the Alps-two most imposing mountains-the Rigi and Pilatus.

However, Lucerne is not all snow and winter. This gorgeous town has numerous outdoor activities all year round. The city offers some of the foremost musical events, numerous festivals and cultural events.

Downtown Lucerne has delightful cobblestone streets, historic buildings and numerous impressive covered bridges that span the Ruess River and add to the appeal of the city.

Lucerne is an extremely easy city to get around because of its efficient network of transportation system.

For those who love culture and art, Lucerne has several historical museums. Besides the bridges, museums, and festivals, the visitor can visit the scenic lake, ski the mountains and visit the quaint villages along the shores of the lake.

The visitor has a number of choices of viewing the area around Lucerne. One can actually go on Lake Lucerne on a hired boat or one may want to take a trip on the steamer. Steamers are fun and offer an excellent view of the shore but in the summer, they are often heavily booked and congested.

For the opera affiants, a visit to the Richard Wagner center is worth it, even if you do not go inside. Lucerne also has a lively night scene with numerous clubs, bars and fancy restaurants. Some of the famed nightclubs include the Pravda, Schur and the Boa.

Lucerne has probably some of the most luxurious hotels in all of Switerzerland. However, these accommodations are pricey. Budget prices hotels are very rare and located way out of town. For those on a limited budget, one should look for hotels in the nearby towns of Stansstad, Hergiswil, Alpnach, Sarnen, Sempach and Sursee. One can easily commute to Lucerne with the excellent train service within 15-30 minutes. Zurich is only an hour’s drive by car.

Like the hotels. Lucerne has decent dining. There are eateries to suit most budgets. However be forewarned some of the most exotic oriental restaurants are very expensive. Like the food, alcohol does tend to be pricey.

Lucerne has a typical European climate with hot summers and cold winters. In addition, Lucerne is also slightly wetter than the other Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva.

While Lucerne Switzerland was once a tourist destination for the rich and famous, today the locals have made an effort to increase tourism to boost their economy. This beautiful city does cater to the average tourist but before you travel, make sure you do your research and have your hotel rooms prebooked.

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