Montreal Vacations

European-flavored Montreal vacations provide a unique experience for North American travelers.

There are not many places that can quite match the charm and beauty of Montreal. This Canadian city is rich in European tradition, but has a lot of North American flare. Montreal is the favorite city by people of all ages, culture and habits. It has a sizzling exciting nightlife with immense creativity and innovation.

Montreal is a multicultural city with superb global cuisine and a potpourri of cutting edge culture. This deciduous mix of migrants, language and color has turned Montreal into a kaleidoscope of many characters. While Montreal vacations may never compete with Vancouver or Toronto, they are perhaps the leader when it comes to entertainment, arts and friendly people.

Montreal is served by an international airport and has an extensive network of roads leading to other places in the province and the USA. The city is served by rapid bus and rail system that is both affordable and efficient.

Montreal is in the southwestern part of Quebec and is only a 6-hour drive from New York City. Even though it has the largest French speaking population, English is widely spoken. The weather in Montreal is warm to hot during the summers and can be bitterly cold during the winters. The best time of the year to visit is perhaps spring or early fall.

There are many decent places to stay both in and around Montreal; there is accommodation to fit all budgets. In fact, during the off-season, most hotels offer excellent discounts. For the lover of food, Montreal is the place to come. It has some of the best cuisine ranging from casual French bread to the exquisite curried foods.

Some of the things that must be seen while in Montreal include Old Montreal, which is the old town with typical European character. If you go in summer, then do not miss the Montreal International Jazz Festival that offers more than 500 concerts-most of them free. Mont Royal is Montreal’s version of the Eiffel tower and offers splendid view of the city below.

If you love shopping, take a walk along Saint Dennis Street and Saint Laurent Boulevard. Here you will have a choice of shopping from hundreds of shops and just as many exotic restaurants.

If you love culture, then the Point A Calliere museum and the Montreal museum of contemporary arts are a must. If you go during summer, walk down Lachine canal and enjoy a picnic on some of the best greenery in the province.

If you cannot sleep at night then a visit to the Montreal casino is a must. This spectacular extravaganza of fun and entertainment rivals Las Vegas. Finally, if you want to enjoy something original, go to the Jean-Talon Market where you can feel the real Montreal atmosphere and get to taste authentic French cuisine.

Other areas of Montreal worth visiting include the site of the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the Underground City, Jean Drapeau Park and the Canadian Center for Architecture. Finally, Montreal also has the Holocaust museum whose mission is to educate people all of all ages and culture about the history of Jewish people. Montreal vacations have lots to offer for both adults and children.

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