Parenting a Toddler

The saying goes "there is no manual to help parenting a toddler." This is true! This doesn’t mean there is no parenting help available.

Every toddler is different and it is up to the parent to do what is best for their each individual child. They know what their child needs and how they will react. Parenting is more than hugs and kisses. You will need to discipline your toddler from time to time, but only as a way to teach them right from wrong and to keep them safe.

Having a variety of options will help you learn the best approach for your toddler. The best way to teach a toddler is by bonding and creating a respectful relationship. If a child feels comfortable with a parent, then he will follow the parent's lead and it will be easier for him or her to listen to the parent. If actual discipline is required, some methods include these tried and true methods:

Time Out

Put your child in time out as a discipline. Put them in a quite location for the same time as their age. If they are two they need to stay quiet in the time out area for two minutes, for example. Have a set time out area when possible. They will learn where they need to go in a time out situation. Toddlers strive for consistency.


Use a firm or strict tone to tell toddlers they are not to continue doing something. The child will concentrate on their parent’s soft words. Yelling can scare a child, but being firm yet quiet will get the message across more successfully.

Instill Understanding

Once the child understands to stop then tell them why they need to stop. An example is when they want to throw a toy. Toddlers test your boundaries, but don’t give in to what they want if you have said no or have presented a rule. Just remember to be patient, which is easier said than done. It is possible when you add love and understanding.

Most Importantly

Parenting a toddler starts with a lot of hugs and kisses along with words of praise for your child when they do the right thing.

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