Stress at the Workplace

Life is stressful and even more so when there is stress at the workplace. Many of us bring our workplace stress home with us. The stress could be because of co-workers, too much workload, high risk job, financial security need and deadlines.

Everyone has had stress in their life and most jobs produce at least a little stress. This feeling could be an everyday occurrence or only from time to time. Just keep in mind there are ways to reduce stress at work. In fact it is important for your health, your relationships and your job to be happier and feel less stress. Stress at the workplace can cause many problems:

  • Physical sickness
  • Irritability
  • Absents
  • Missed deadlines
  • Depression

Start relieving these stresses by balancing your life by keeping your work life and family life separate. Sure it is difficult and you will discuss your home life at work and your work life at home. Just don’t let it dominate at either location. It will be on your mind, but set a goal to strive to work at work. It will help you be more productive and help reduce stress.

Then create a well maintained work area. Have a place for everything so when you need a pen you know exactly where it is or when looking for a particular report you know where to find it. If your office allows your workspace to be personalized then do a little decorating. Don’t overdo it because it will cause clutter, but add a flower and maybe some pictures of loved ones. Being comfortable in your space will help you reduce your stress level.

Some employers understand that the workplace can be stressful. They are suggesting more breaks, making vacations mandatory and not allowing rollovers as well as providing daily exercise opportunities. They are working to reduce stress to help keep the workplace pleasant, their employees healthy and reducing turnover.

If you feel more stress than time that you are satisfied with your job it might be time for a change. You might need to look for a new job, discuss a change at your current job or consider going back to school to help you earn a promotion. If the problem deals with your co-workers and it is bad enough, talk to them about it. If this doesn’t work then set up a meeting with your co-workers and your boss. The goal is to reduce stress so that you can focus on your work and later during your obligations at home and with your family.

Stress at the Workplace to Balancing Work and Family