Teach your children how to live

by Kerry

In my opinion the best way of balancing everything out when you have a family is to involve the family. If you are trying to do everything thing yourself you will burn out and end up exhausted.

The home that you live in belongs to everyone in the family. Therefore everyone should have a share in maintaining it.

That means that everyone has to learn to pick up after themselves. Everyone has to learn to make their bed, do the laundry, use the vacuum cleaner, plan what to eat each day, get ready on time and all the other things that are needed for daily life.

Having a routine helps a lot. When everyone knows that as soon as they come in the door they put away their coats and shoes, empty their lunchbox and unpack their bag it makes life much simpler. My friend has five children and as soon as they get home from school they change their clothes, clean out their lunchboxes and get them ready for the next day. Once that's done the children have a snack, do their homework and are then free to play until dinner time.

If your goal is that a child needs to be able to live independent by the age of 18 then they need to be one third of the way there by the time they're 6 and two thirds of the way there by age 12. Teach them age appropriate skills to allow them to do that.

Boys and girls should all know how to budget and shop for food, prepare tasty meals, clean up afterwards, do laundry and ironing and other basic cleaning and housework chores. These are LIFE skills that everyone should know how to do.

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