Work Family Balance

Often work family balance is disrupted by the enormous demands of raising a family and often this requires that both parents work long hours, even on weekends and holidays. Sometimes the career paths selected are demanding and leave little time for anything else.

Moreover, with the current work demands, cultures are eroded and all traditional means of raising a family are washed away. One of the most contentious reasons why there is disharmony in families is that one or both parents is never at home and the kids are usually left alone. A lot of evidence today indicates that these far-reaching career paths often have far-reaching consequences on the lives of individual members of family and friends.

Today there is a focus on regaining a balance between work and family. Unfortunately achieving balance between work and family life is challenging and there is no one easy solution. Each individual and couple needs to sit down and analyze their needs and wants. Some of the things that need to be discussed include each other’s values, career goals, monetary achievements, family participation, and ultimate personal success.

Achieving a balance at home is a joint discussion between the couples. However, one should be aware that each partner may have strong feelings about his or her work and career goals and may not be willing to sacrifice time for the family. To achieve harmony, one needs to have a plan or other options.

Family work balance is a dynamic process and not a one shot deal. Even if one has a stellar career, one should set aside time for the home, children and partner. The real difficulties start when the individual(s) forge their responsibilities on a regular basis. The process of balance means that both partners need to make sacrifices, adjustments and flexibility to keep up with the priorities. Couples who can meet these demands often have stable happy marriages.

For those who are committed to work family balance, the first priority is to set asides time for your family. This may mean making great sacrifices so that neither suffers.

If you are just married, experts suggest post marriage bonding. When you do not have children, the decision as to who will work is easy but when you have children, the decision will depend on your energy level, education, income capability and who will stay at home. One should be realistic about who goes to work, because a good money earner can provide a better home, a richer and more stimulating environment for children, access to better schools and more opportunities. The adverse effects of making money include less time spent with the family, extreme fatigue, chronic bickering, recurrent family crises and unhappiness.

No matter what each partner does, family happiness can be increased by sharing housework, being active in childcare, making joint decisions, compromising when needed, having equal financial choices, valuing each other's work and sharing emotional stress with each other.

Be aware that harmony at home also requires the same dedication like work. However, at the end of the day, remember that what you sacrifice today will bring a more harmonious, enriched and content family life for many years to come.

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