Work Life Balance Tips

A few decades ago, work life balance tips were unnecessary because there was a fine line between work and home duties, and preserving a balance between the two was simple. However, with the changing pace of the world, the workload has invaded personal and home lives in many instances.

One of the most common reasons for stress in family life is the lack of balance between work and family life. With the poor economic situation, many individuals try to pile up as many hours as they can get at work, perhaps one is trying to get a promotion or job stability. Sometimes, even overtime may be required and while all this brings financial stability, it also affects home life. The consequences of such an imbalance often leads to excessive fatigue, and lost time with children spouse and friends. Moreover, increased expectations at work often lead to more challenges and stress.

There are countless reports of individuals who have been married to their work and the costs of this single-minded activity are borne out by divorce, arguments, unhappiness, emotional and physical illnesses, and difficulty raising children.

It is understandable that many people have to work to make ends meet, but it is vital to spend time with the loved ones. No matter what type of employment, one can always find time to spend with the family. It is not the amount of time, but the quality of time that is important. One should start to evaluate these relationships and develop some type of practical strategies to help strike a healthy balance.

To face these challenges, here are some work life balance tips:

  1. Start to monitor your time and determine what is necessary, what is not enjoyable or share your concerns with your employer or employees
  2. If your work allows, work flexible hours, start to share job duties, or work a compressed week. The aim is to get more control of your time so that you have more choices to spend with other
  3. Learn to say no and do not feel guilty of offending your workers
  4. Try to leave all your work at work and develop a distinct boundary
  5. Turn off the phone and do not bring your PC at home
  6. Get organized both at home and work, make a calendar and communicate with your family members
  7. Listen and understand the needs of others at home
  8. Try to join forces at work so that each of you can cover for each other when there are family conflicts and
  9. When at home do meaningful things, go out with the family, get adequate sleep and eat dinner together.

In most cases, the above practical tips do help but some individuals may also require extra help. If your life is spinning out of control and you do not know where to start, speak to a professional counselor, doctor or health care provider. Some jobs ever offer employee assistance to help cope with family crises. Striking a healthy work and home balance requires effort and is a continual process. While there may be periodic changes in your work priorities, remember home is where happiness begins and ends.

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